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5x7 Papilio blumei 5x7 Morpho diedamia
Papilio blumei $35 Morpho diedamia $30
5x7 Troides oblongomaculatus 5x7 Papilio rumanzovia
Troides oblongomaculatus $30 Papilio rumanzovia $28
5x7 Trogonoptera brookiana 4x6 Urania ripheus
Trogonoptera brookiana $30 Urania ripheus single $25.00
5x7 Morpho didius 5x7 Idea Leuconoe
Morpho didius $35 Idea leuconoe $25
5x7 Papilio ulysses Grapium androcles
Papilio ulysses $40 Graphium androcles $30
Papilio lormieri 5x7 Caligo placidianus
Papilio lormieri $25 Caligo placidianus $30
Morpho Catenaris Papilio thoas
Morpho Catenaris $30 Papilio thoas $25
Stichopthalma howqua 5x7 Antios menippe
Stichopthalma howqua $25 Antios menippe $30
Salamis temora 5x7 Napeocles jacunda
Salamis temora $30 Napeocles jacunda $35
Thyridia psidii 5x7 Citheras merolina
Thyridia psidii $28 Citheras merolina $30
5x7 Danaus genuita 5x7 Eurytides agesilaus
Danaus genuita $28 Eurytides agesilaus $30
5x7 Eupolea mulciber 5x7 Graphium agamenon
Eupolea mulciber $28 Graphium agamemnon $28
5x7 Graphium weiskei 5x7 Hebomoia glaucippe
Graphium weiskei $40 Hebomoia glaucippe $30
5x7 Hypolimnas montieronis 5x7 Danaus plexipus
Hypolimnas montieronis $35 Danaus plexipus "Monarch" $30
5x7 Papilio phorcas 5x7 Salamis anacardii duprei
Papilio phorcas $30 Salamis anacardii duprei $28
5x7 Papilo paris 5x7 Papilio demodocus
Papilio paris $35 Papilio demodocus $28
5x7 Smyrna blomfildia 5x7 Papilio palinurus
Smyrna blomfildia $28 Papilio palinurus $35
5x7 Phoebis philea 5x7 Salamis parhassus
Phoebis philea $28 Salamis parhassus $30
5x7 Urania leilus 5x7 Urania ripheus
Urania leilus $30 Urania ripheus $35
5x7 Urania ripheus 1/2 reverse 5x7 Urania ripheus and leilus
Urania ripheus (1/2 reverse) $35 Urania ripheus/leilus $32
Sunset 5x7 Graphium polycenes
Sunset $32 Graphium polycenes $25
5x7 Graphium leonidas 5x7 Papilio bromius
Graphium leonidas $28 Papilio bromius $28
Godyris duilla 5x7 Cethosia biblis
Godyris duilla $30 Cethosia biblis $35
5x7 Charaxes eupale 5x7 Graphium sarpedon
Charaxes eupale $30 Graphium sarpedon $35
5x7 Doxocopa cherubina 5x7 Dysphania transducta
Doxocopa cherubina $35 Dsyphania transducta $30
5x7 Patriot 5x7 Primary
Patriot $30 Primary $30

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