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8x10 male Atlas moth 8x10 female Atlas moth
Atlas Moth, Male $40 Atlas Moth, Female $50
8X10 Morpho Phoebis 8X10 Papilio bluemeii
Morpho/Phoebis $50 Papilio bluemei $65
8x10 Pailio ulysses 8x10 Morpho didius.JPG (225886 bytes)
Papilio ulysses $75 Morpho didius $75
Ulysses and Blumei 8X10 Morpho diedamia
Ulysses/Blumei $70 Morpho diedamia $55
8X10 Papilio lormieri 8x10 Idea Mix
Papilio lormieri $35 Idea collection $65
8x10 Papilio romanzovia 8x10 Troides oblonomaculatus
Papilio rumanzovia $55 Troides oblongomaculatus $55
8x10 Fire N ice 8x10 Monarch mix
Fire N Ice $65 Monarch Mix $50
8x10 Papilio mix 8x10 Pastel
Papilio mix $45 Pastel $65
8x10 Pastel with weiskei.JPG (213737 bytes) 8x10 Serville mix
Pastel with weiskei $65 Serville mix $50
8x10 Troides Mix 8x10 Brown mix
Troides mix $45 Brown mix $45
8x10 New Day 8x10 Peru mix
New Day $45 Peru Mix $50
8x10 Blue mix 8x10 Birdwing mix
Blue Mix $40 Birdwing Mix $65
8x10 Urania ripheus and leilus  
Urania Mix $45  

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